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The idea.

from the heart

The main focus of our Curry House is to allow Australians to enjoy a truly Indian experience right here in Albany. We offer you a taste of the Indian culture through our rich interior decorating and joyful atmosphere.

You also get to sample various Indian foods crafted from traditional Indian recipes and produced with the finest imported herbs and freshest ingredients.



We started breathing life into the dream of this Curry House in early 2018 when planning began. Constructions soon followed in January 2019 and we were excited to welcome the Albany community into our Indian home away from home when the restaurant officially opened on 11 July 2019.

Careful planning and consideration went into everything including the exquisite artworks on display, the bright colours we used, the layout of the restaurant and our opulent and diverse menu. 

We are now proudly considering the Curry House as a unique establishment that captures the essence of India in the form of delicious traditional foods in a rich Indian inspired interior. 


Proven concept

At Curry House we have an intricate love for Indian cuisines. We captured the essence of India in our restaurant’s vibe and dishes and we are happy to share these delights so all of our beloved customers here in Australia can sample what fine dining in India is truly like. 

About The Chef

the inner story

Chef Tom is from Chennai, India where he grew up on and fell in love with delicious Indian foods. He cultivated a passion for hotel management and soon obtained his diploma in hotel management and catering technology.

After qualifying, Tom started as a restaurant manager and later found his skills as a chef. Years of hands-on experience while working alongside some of the top chefs in India taught Tom a wealth of knowledge cooking and fine foods. His experience as a restaurant manager crafted him into an entrepreneur hungry for an opportunity to start his own restaurant.

After working as a restaurant manager and chef in Albany since 2016, a unique opportunity presented itself and Tom was able to take over his current workplace and transform it into a house of India that we now know and love as Curry House.